The Goldfish Hand Tooled Bag

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100% Authentic leather 

All handmade leather items will absolutely have imperfections. Each item is handmade and hand painted. Genuine leather will have flaws as animals may have been branded, scraped, scarred, etc. There will be differences between each piece due to wrinkles, markings, textures, hair lengths, etc. This is what makes each item incredibly special and unique. Each item is truly one of a kind. Please do not order if you not okay with minor issues like this.

Our tooled items are just as unique and during the tooling process it may incur some scratched, dents, etc. Each is definitely one of a kind!!!

Hand painted items can also have imperfections. They may go outside the line or not completely fill a line. New pieces may slightly vary in hue of the paint. This is definitely to be expected when you are purchasing out handmade items so please keep this is mind. Raw backed items (hair on fringe with the original suede backing) may have markings on the back of the cowhide!


If you have any questions regarding any items feel free to message us and we’d be happy to answer them.

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